Saturday, September 17, 2005

Still Tone Deaf after All These Years

I'm thinking it's the Aspergers' Administration - not a clue how the words they use could possibly be interpreted. Consider:

First they want to call a war against an Arab people a Crusade. They got talked out of that, but you think those in the Middle East forgot?

Then they choose to 'defend' us with a Department of Homeland Security. I understand this was their second choice; 'wiser' heads prevailed over Department of Fatherland Security.

Now they're calling the 200 BILLION dollar Great Crony Give-away in the South of the US a 'Reconstruction'. What are they thinking?

Yes, I know that literally they are talking about reconstructing things that have been blown down and/or washed away. But the South is still seething over the last time a bunch of Yankees came down and 'reconstructed' them.

And Karl Rove as Carpetbagger-in-Chief? What is wrong with this picture?


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