Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Twelve Step Program for Bush Cultists

1. Scrape the 'W04' sticker off your car and burn the bits
2. Admit that you allowed yourself to be fooled by your fears
3. Accept that there never were WMDs in Iraq
4. Accept that you have been lied to
5. Allow yourself to feel anger at having been lied to; anger is appropriate
6. Accept responsibility for putting our national way of life in peril by voting for Bush
7. Accept that those who disagree with you are as good Americans as you are
8. Admit that you purposely ignored information that might have conflicted with your world view
9. Admit that an independent, skeptical press is crucial to freedom and democracy
10. Accept that it is your duty as an adult and an American to question authority
11. Agree to getting your information from many sources, even non-US sources
12. Realize that freedom comes with the responsibility to remain vigilant to attempts to curtail it

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