Monday, September 19, 2005

Clearly Separated at Birth

Expanding on my note below, and noticing the considerable similarity in the resumes of General Groves and Karl Rove, I offer the following chart:

General Leslie Groves

'Gentleman' Karl Rove, in characteristic pose
  • Attended U Washington and MIT, graduate of West Point
  • commissioned to Army Corp of Engineers
  • Completes construction of Pentagon, world's largest office building, during time of war (1941-1943).
  • Put in charge of Manhattan project, which eventually grew to employ over 130,000 people and cost over 2B 1940s dollars (about 20B in today's dollars).
  • College dropout from U. Utah
  • protege of Don Segretti (Watergate CoConspirator)
  • Fired from GHWBush's presidential bid for leaking false, negative info - smears other political opponents (McCain, Cleland, others too numerous to list) without consequence
  • As GWB chief-of-staff, is smearer-in-chief of all who cross the Boy King. Victims also too numerous to list, but include Paul o'Neil, Richard Clarke, and Joe Wilson. To accomplish the latter, he outs Wilson's wife, covert CIA employee.
  • Given lead role in post-Katrina 'Reconstruction', with a potential cost of $200B, lasting over several years.


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