Sunday, October 16, 2005

...da fuh?

Follow-on to post "huh??" below, in which I ask what the heck Libby is doing discussing classified info with a reporter, any reporter.

In case you missed it, turns out that at some point, when she was in bed, I mean embedded, with the military, Ms Miller had a security clearance.

Yes, I know. In what universe is this ever a good idea? A reporter with a clearance is a PR flak. Here's how she describes it (via TPM Cafe):

During the Iraq war, the Pentagon had given me clearance to see secret information as part of my assignment "embedded" with a special military unit hunting for unconventional weapons.
You'll note that the Iraq War is, in her mind apparently, over - not sure what's going on over there now but it's clearly no longer the Iraq War. Be that as it very well may, why does she think she still has a security clearance and has no qualms discussing classified information with the people she's flakking for?

Here's someone who calls the whole clearance of reporters issue the 'hidden scandal'.

I can think of no reason why a working journalist should even want a clearance. Because typically that means that you are subject to government censorship when you write on that topic. Who'd willingly accept those chains?

Other, I mean, than a total tool like Judy.


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