Friday, October 07, 2005

Some good news

For a change:

The first major study of an experimental vaccine to prevent cervical cancer found it was 100 percent effective, in the short term, at blocking the disease and lesions likely to turn cancerous, the drugmaker Merck & Co. said Thursday. Its shares rose nearly 6 percent.


"You have to get students in grammar school, middle school, high school (vaccinated) before they become sexually active," she said.

Expect the Usual Suspects to try to block the vaccine as 'encouraging sexual activity' or some such crap... Seriously. Wait for it.


At 6:11 PM, Blogger Ellen Marsh said...

Wait for it? It's already started. I heard a radio news story this morning in regard to parents objecting to vaccination of very young children (many are suggesting that both boys and girls be vaccinated because boys infect girls with the virus) because it would encourage them to become sexually active.

Fortunately, the station gave equal time to a pediatrician who said she had both her young son and daughter vaccinated if it would prevent cervical cancer.


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