Sunday, October 23, 2005

TANG on the menu

Democrats should do nothing to jeopardize the Miers nomination from going to actual, televised confirmation hearings. I don't care how unqualified she is - I want to see the hearings. Why? Because:

On one line of Miers's questionnaire, she wrote that she had simply worked for the "George W. Bush Committee" in the 1990s. In fact Miers's firm was paid nearly $160,000 in connection with Bush's re-election campaign for governor in 1998. The White House confirmed that her work for the campaign included coordinating research and collecting public records relating to Bush's National Guard service during the Vietnam War—the same records that proved so controversial during last year's presidential campaign.
Yes, by nominating his personal lawyer to the Supreme Court, the Boy King has put the Texas Air National Guard story back in play. The difference now is that there are some indications that at least part of the media has been recalled to their responsibilities and may actually, you know, report on it.


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