Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why Fitzgerald's investigation matters

Gawker cuts through the tangled motives, confusing cast of characters and arcana of legalisms to get right to why you should care about the leak investigation. In reference to the NYTimes interactive graphic on the matter, they write:

What’s more, the graphic features cute little headshot graphics for each of the major players, and we’re in love with the thumbnail graphic for Valerie Plame (AKA Ms. Wilson). The image is cropped from a Vanity Fair feature, but it’s certainly not the only available image of Plame out there. But the scarf-and-sunglasses look is so perfect, isn’t it? The image makes this whole federal investigation so glamorous, and the chart thus tells you exactly why you should care about this mess: Because trapped in the midst of the grimacing pusses of boring old white guys is the fate of a foxy and clandestine screen goddess!
So there you have it. It's still all about the blondes. Oh well, at least she's not missing.


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