Wednesday, November 02, 2005

CNN: Dishes it out, can't take it.

Okay, this is a little 'inside baseball', but I think it's funny, for reasons that will become clear...

First, media-gossip blog TVNewser breaks a story that speculates that CNN anchors Aaron Brown and Anderson Cooper will be switching time slots, with the more prestigious 10 PM slot going to My Favorite Boyfriend Anderson Cooper. Brown is supposedly PO'ed (as who wouldn't be when the younger, cuter ones take over your turf.)

The tale is picked up by Reuters and Variety. Shit hits fan. CNN Launches Leak Investigation! Who, tell me, WHO, within our organization is leaking to ... the media??

How do we know CNN launched an internal leak investigation? From an anonymous tip to ... What's Happening at CNN blog.

*GASP* Do you realize what this means??

Exactly. We need another leak investigation. Who leaked the leak investigation to WHAC?? Heads are gonna roll, fersure.

Stick to your guns, TVNewser! Don't give up your source! What are they gonna do, throw you in jail for Contempt of Company? As my friend Eliza so sagely remarked:

You know, if CNN went as batshit about the leak that threatened the security of, well, EVERYONE, as they have about this leak regarding their programming maybe more people would watch their network.
Word, girlfriend.

UPDATE: CNN is now admitting that what TVNewser was reporting is true. Anderson Cooper 360 moves to 10-12PM (gaining an hour) and the Situation Room with Wolfie moves to 7 PM.

Sadly, Aaron has apparently left CNN. Willingly? unknown.


At 11:43 PM, Blogger Thesaurus Rex said...

No, NO!! You can't have Anderson Cooper!! HE IS MINE!!

Heh. I saw this coming weeks ago when they sort of folded Anderson into Brown's show as "co-anchor". I was pointing out the dynamic between them to my boyfriend.

"Look how wooden Aaron Brown is. Dinosaur."

Can't wait to tell him I was right.

At 8:15 PM, Blogger Arachnae said...

Rex, I'll fight you with nunchucks and laser deathrays. I have to cheat, because you have a natural advantage...


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