Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Tai Shan Blogging

(I don't know what I'm going to do in less than two years when my darling TS gets sent back to stay with the rels in China...) But here he is, in all his cuddly glory:

Wonkette, who's in a custody battle with me over TS (I saw him FIRST, Wonky), posted this pic:

... with the amusing headline 'Cancer Stick'. (She calls TS "butterstick".)

And the bloggers at the National Zoo's panda-page, fortunately unfamiliar with the concept of Too Much Information, tell us:

We are now handling Tai Shan without gloves and gowns. He has received all his vaccinations and is very healthy. Tai's hair is very coarse and dry, like the worst case of split ends. However, the hair is mostly one length—about four inches—and there is no undercoat. Minerals from Mei Xiang's saliva, especially iron compounds, leave Tai's hair with a pink tint. Despite his protests, she still manages to lick him!


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