Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I'm torn

While I'm usually libertarian on matters of dress, this story intrigues:

The Dutch immigration minister says she will look into the legality of banning the burqa, the robes worn by some Muslim women to cover their bodies.

Rita Verdonk made the pledge after a majority in parliament said it would support such a ban.

The proposal was put forward by independent politician Geert Wilders.

"That women should walk the streets in a totally unrecognisable manner is an insult to everyone who believes in equal rights," he said.

"This law is a comfort to moderate Muslims and will contribute to integration in the Netherlands," he added in a statement.

It's kind of like saying, yeah, you can bring your slaves here, but you can't put chains on them. They might get away, you say? Oh, too bad.


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