Tuesday, April 25, 2006

David Gergen, Comedian

Heh, Froomkin noticed how funny the Gerg was on 360 last night. Man, the man is a past master at the never-knew-what-hit-you insult. Here he is on the leaked 'Bolton plan to fix the White House':

"I have too much respect for Josh Bolten to believe that this is his plan. You know, somebody who really doesn't like him leaked this and attributed it to him, because this plan is cynical.

"It plays -- it plays only to the base, in a way that I think that most Americans will reject. And it's -- it just is not responsive to the -- to the real issues of the day. I mean, what's the -- what's the heart of this plan? Scaring people about Iran, putting a lot more troops on the borders with big badges, as they say, and a lot of guns, and tax breaks for investors, and then going out there and bragging a lot about their accomplishments and cozying up to the press.

"That's a plan for recovery? Now, come on. That's -- that's not a serious plan. It's cynical. It's not responsive to the problems of the country, and many people would regard it as irresponsible. I just don't believe that's their plan. I think they're going to something more serious than this. I don't believe Josh Bolten would sign on to a plan like this."

What a scream. He calls Josh Bolton cynical, unresponsive and irresponsible with complete deniability.

I think there's room in my roster for a Pundit Boyfriend...


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