Sunday, May 28, 2006

Speaker for the Theocracy

Unconfirmed gossip from TVNewser:

Unconfirmed: FNC's Greg Burke To Become Vatican Spokesperson? Scott in Wisconsin sent TVNewser this e-mail yesterday:

"EWTN, the global Catholic network, reported on Saturday during Pope Benedict's journey through Poland that Fox News reporter Greg Burke will become the new Vatican spokesperson. [They said to] look for that announcement to come right after the Pope returns to Rome. The current Papal spokesperson, who is a holdover from Pope John Paul's regime, has submitted a letter of resignation. Raymond Arroyo and Joan Lewis are the EWTN people who were speaking about this on Saturday."

A Fox News spokesperson said he could not confirm the report on Sunday...

Fox News - training ground for the speakers for the world's theocracies since 2005.


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