Friday, September 08, 2006

Gridlock looking pretty good

New polling:

Respondents were asked "next year, it is possible that the country will have a Republican president and a Democratic Congress. Do you think that is more likely to result in more cooperation between the two parties or more likely to result in more gridlock and stalemate in the government?"

Seventy percent expect "gridlock and stalemate" while 27 percent believe there would be "cooperation between the two parties." Three percent had no opinion. Half the sample, or 502 people, was asked the gridlock question.

Fifty-seven percent of the respondents said they think it would be good for the country "if the Democrats in Congress were able to conduct official investigations into what the Bush administration has done in the past six years." Forty-one percent said such probes would be bad for the country. Half of the sample was asked this question, also.

At the same time, 69 percent said Bush should not be impeached or removed from office, with 30 percent saying he should be impeached or removed from office. One percent had no opinion. A total of 1,004 adults was asked the questions about impeachment.

People think a democratic congress will result in gridlock and yet... suddenly that looks a lot better than the alternative.

The most amazing part is the 30% who think he should be impeached. Without any actual charges being on the table, the sheer stench of incompetence and corruption is enough for 30 percent. What would that figure be with some proof that the war that 69% of the population opposes is illegal?


At 11:19 PM, Anonymous Ace said...

The Republicans now control both houses of Congress and the White House; yet this Congress is as close to a "do-nothing" Congress as we've seen in 50 years.

If the Democrats gain control over even one house of Congress, the gridlock/stalemate enviornment will certainly be enhanced.

And that will be a good thing because I'm not so sure that Wasington DC remains in friendly hands...


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