Sunday, October 01, 2006

Not Dead

I'm not dead, just Very Very Busy. That said, I've been having fun following Foleygate. It's always fun to watch repubs throw one another under oncoming buses. But it does make me question our national priorities.

  • Torturing possibly innocent civilians: not a problem at all
  • Sending naughty emails to a teen: huge collosal world-coming-to-an-end problem
Don't get me wrong, Foley is certainly scummy, and all the GOP leadership turning a blind eye and/or enabling his predatory behavior deserve everything they have coming to them. But WTF?

Once again well-connected, attractive, white young Americans' psychological angst trump massive amounts of brown-skinned peoples' bodily trauma up to and including death.

Where's the perspective?


At 2:44 PM, Blogger Ralph said...

Arachnae, you must understand!

Young white American people are so tremendously important and so especially sensitive to evil that if one of them sees a not-for-TV event, it is more significant than if hundreds of thousands of darker-skinned people, who speak a funny language and have a different religion, accidentally get torn to pieces by another group of young American people dressed up as soldiers.

If that is still not clear, watch Fox and CNN several hours a day for two or three years. Everything will then fall neatly into place for you.

Got that?


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