Saturday, September 09, 2006

Improve your life by lying

Lies and the lying liars:

U.S. officials, seeking a way to measure the results of a program aimed at decreasing violence in Baghdad, aren't counting scores of dead killed in car bombings and mortar attacks as victims of the country's sectarian violence.

In a distinction previously undisclosed, U.S. military spokesman Lt. Col. Barry Johnson said Friday that the United States is including in its tabulations of sectarian violence only deaths of individuals killed in drive-by shootings or by torture and execution.

That has allowed U.S. officials to boast that the number of deaths from sectarian violence in Baghdad declined by more than 52 percent in August over July.

City Administrators, take note. If you want to 'prove' that your city's homicide rate hsa gone down, just stop counting women victims, since 'homicide' is clearly 'the killing of a man'.

Or if you don't think that will fly, say your 'murder' rate went down by reclassifying everything that did not involve a firearm as a 'homicide'. See how easy it is?


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