Sunday, July 01, 2007

Kids today

Man, I'm reading about the big 'terror' in Scotland, and while not wanting to take away from the potential for great tragedy, what can I say? Three big adult men carry out a big mission for Allah (I'm presuming these are Muslim terrorists, although there is no confirmation that I can find at the time of this writing), and one bystander gets treated for a leg injury? Are they recruiting from the school for the slow, or what? When suicide bombers can't even manage to kill themselves... well, words fail me. I'm pretty sure this is wrong of me, but one can't help but feel a tiny smidgeon of hometown pride that our loathsome homegrown terrorists (eg. Tim McVeigh) are individually so much more effective than theirs, Osama bin Laden notwithstanding.

Speaking of which, WTF with Scotland? What did they ever do to anybody? Lately, I mean. Attacking Scotland is like being mad at a bunch of Saudi nationals so you go attack someone entirely different, like, say, Iraq.

Oh wait. Never mind.


At 9:11 PM, Anonymous ace said...

Gentle Spider:

You wonder how anyone could have a beef with Scotland?

Just ask the English how this might happen. Those folks were "at it" for how many hundreds of years?

Pick any of the African "tribal"/"regional" disputes of the last 25 years and you'd be hard pressed to figure out why these people might waste their time/energy trying to kill off each other instead of trying to secure a stable life strategy. But they do...


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