Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An OJ moment

While I'm a Hillary-supporter (I just don't think Obama has either the toughness to win the general or the experience for the job), I'm not one of those who thinks he should be excoriated for what his preacher says. How many birth-control-using Catholics sit in church every week without feeling the need to rear up and denounce their priest? How many Christians listen to a gay-bashing sermon who don't agree with it, but stick with the church because they're more invested in the church than in that particular preacher.

America is having one of those OJ moments, when whites discover what many blacks say and think when we're not around. What, we're shocked that their American experience isn't as wonderful as ours is? Grow up.

That said, it's not clear to me that all white Americans are ready to hear what black Americans have to say. In which case America's OJ moment may be Obama's Macaca Moment. Alas.


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