Friday, October 10, 2008

Demagoguing ACORN

If you are really interested in vote fraud (as opposed to being only interested in seizing on any hints or rumors you can find to fuel your hatred of the Democratic Party), you really need to read this piece by Josh Marshall.

Money quote:

Remember, most of those now-famous fired US Attorneys from 2007 were Republican appointees who were canned after they got tasked with investigating allegations of widespread vote fraud, did everything they could to find it, but came up with nothing. That was the wrong answer so Karl Rove and his crew at the Justice Department fired them.
It's clear why they do this, of course. It not only allows them to practice intimidating 'poll-watching' tactics in high-minority, high-dem neighborhoods to suppress the vote, it also allows them to feed their raw-red-meat-eating crazies with both an explanation of why their team lost and give them further bogus reasons to hate the legitimate winner.


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