Monday, October 06, 2008

Educating John Cole

Here's John Cole on Sarah Palin's latest:

I read her comments in their entirety, watched the video, and while it was nasty and from my perspective, bullshit, there didn’t seem to me to be any racial component. That was the same sort of bilge they throw at any Democrat- divisive and a sign of desperation, yes, but racial subtext? I am not seeing it.
Let me unpack it for you, John. Obama 'pals around with terrorists' and doesn't see the US like 'other Americans' do? Hmm. Terrorists are swarthy foreigners (nevermind that Palin was here referring to homegrown former-sixties-radical William Ayers) who see America as a great big target. My grannie got an email saying that Obama is a Muslin (sic). Therefore Obama must be a swarthy terrorist who sees America as a great big target too.

Get it? It's kind of a multi-layered dogwhistle, but a dogwhistle none the less.


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