Saturday, May 08, 2004

Interesting speculation on the mysterious case of Chaplain Yee

You remember Chaplain Yee, don't you? This guy was a Muslim chaplain at Gitmo (the OTHER prison) arrested for spying; eventually all criminal charges were dropped, but he was 'administratively' chastised for commiting adultery (still a crime in the US military, if selectively prosecuted) and downloading 'porn' onto a government computer.

Now Veritas and others on Atrios' comments board speculate that perhaps the 'porn' on his computer was similar to the photos we're all becoming familiar with from Abu Ghraib, which certainly qualify as pornographic to me, and a particularly sick, S&M kind of porn at that. What if Yee were trying, lo those many months ago, to blow the whistle on abuses of a sexual humiliation nature at Gitmo, and got caught? When the Army realized they really couldn't manufacture enough evidence to hold him for spying, they 'let him off' with a written reprimand and public stigmatization.

While any evidence has no doubt long ago been scrubbed from the computer in question, this scenario would certainly explain a lot; why a fairly recent convert to Islam would have porn in the first place, and why the government wigged out so badly over what turned out (according to them) to be very little indeed.

Has anyone actually seen the 'porn' in question to be able to testify to its content? Inquiring minds want to know.


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