Friday, June 18, 2004

Check these out

Here's a great article in the NYT on a whole bunch of people who are scamming the scammers: link.

Josh Marshall's stand-in, Spencer Ackerman, is really doing a great job over at Talking Points Memo. Go read his lavishly-documented connect-the-dots piece on TortureGate. Then read his earlier piece on Rumfeld blaming the media for every US failure:

Only the media, says the most powerful secretary of defense in history, can lose the war in Iraq. By that logic, a year's worth of mistakes--an insufficient number of troops to provide basic security; an inability or unwillingness to demobilize militias; a preference for wishing deeply-rooted conflicts in Iraqi ethnic and religious politics away instead of providing a civil forum for their arbitration; the installation of pliant Iraqis onto a council subsequently made powerless; torture--are simply wished away.


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