Monday, July 05, 2004

Jury Nullification?

One thing I'm wondering about lately and I'm not hearing anyone addressing it...

So we've turned Iraq back over to Iraqis, right? They're in charge of the show, right? (Slight sarcasm.) And one of the tasks we've offloaded to them is trying Saddam Hussein.

So I'm thinking... what if, when all's said and done, they try him and oops, decide he's innocent? (I'm not saying he IS innocent, I hope you realize - I'm talking about the process of 'jury nullification', whereby the impanelled jury decides to ignore the law and the evidence for their own reasons.)

What happens then? Do we say BEEEP, wrong answer, try again? and prove Iraqi sovereignty is a sham? Do we say 'not our problem anymore' and let the Monster of the Middle East walk?

Say we do the latter. Then what happens if Saddam runs -again- for President of Sovereign Iraq? What happens if he wins? (Think Mayor Berry.) Do we invade again? Or do we say, 'clean slate, just keep those rape rooms closed and the WMDs non-existant'?

Is anyone in charge somewhere thinking about these things?


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