Tuesday, July 06, 2004

the Two Johns

Okay, the pundits are pundicizing and the spinsters are spinning on the subject of John Edwards. Focusing on trivia, as is my wont sometimes, I think John Edwards should volunteer to be called 'Jack'. Because if Kerry does, the Repubs will go apeshit about JFKs etc.

There's nothing more annoying, btw, than Hired Flacks for entitlement-baby Bush taking about the 'millionaires' ticket. To the best of my knowledge, Edwards at least earned his millions, rather than being given them by grateful friends of daddy's.

And while we're at it, can we get people to Shut the Fuck UP about 'no foreign policy experience? Hello, our current leader had hardly ever been out of North America before the Supreme Court selected HIM to 'reign'.

Okay, bad example - current administration's lack of previous foreign policy experience is actually a good indicator that you might actually want a seasoned hand on the job...


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