Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Are Democrats spoiled?

Something that's been bothering me since before the DNC convention, and I was finally able to articulate it after Kerry appeared on the Daily Show last night. Of course there was the requisite number of fawning posts on the liberal boards about how wonderful it was, and there was also the now-apparently-required 'I hate to be a spoilsport' posts which say, in short, 'it's too bad Kerry isn't more exciting.'

Which leads me to my epiphany. Has Bill Clinton spoiled us for Other Men?

I mean, consider, if you will, the pre-presidential bios of Clinton and Kerry. Nothing against Bill, you understand, I love the Big Dog and always will, but he had a fairly skimpy resume. Rhodes scholar, check, law professor, check, war protester, small state governor... nothing in there to indicate exactly what the man was made of. Oh, we know now that he was the greatest politician of a generation or possibly a century, and that he combined that with a vast and expanding curiosity about literally everything, and an understanding of policy that Bush can't even comprehend he lacks. But when he was first running for Prez... he was a personable governor of a rather insignificant state (sorry, Arkansas).

Kerry, on the other hand, while not a Rhodes Scholar, has a pretty impressive resume as a young man. While ambivalent about the morality of the Vietnam War, he volunteered anyway, served admirably, and on his return, enlightened the US and the world to the true costs. People too young to remember the sixties and seventies may not know this, but it's pretty universally acknowledged that the protests against the war were instrumental in ending it. And Kerry's Vietnam Veterans Against the War were a powerful force in that cause.

So before he was thirty, Kerry already had been through the fires and out the other side. Another almost thirty years of service to the nation followed. And yet staunch Democrats whine...

I'm fed up with it. It's like, you've gotten into trouble in some small town, have a mean-ass sheriff ready to lock you up and throw away the key, and in walks Atticus Finch to bail you out. And you're bitching because you wanted Elvis. Sigh.

I don't get it.


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