Friday, August 20, 2004

More on the NYT story

If you haven't read the lengthy NYT story on the Smear Boat Vets, you really should.

Here's an interesting paragraph:

Several veterans insist that Mr. Kerry wrote his own reports, pointing to the initials K. J. W. on one of the reports and saying they are Mr. Kerry's. "What's the W for, I cannot answer," said Larry Thurlow, who said his boat was 50 to 60 yards from Mr. Kerry's. Mr. Kerry's middle initial is F, and a Navy official said the initials refer to the person who had received the report at headquarters, not the author.

Yeah, a guy whose initial are JFK always initials his reports backwards and throws in an additional letter... to confuse the enemy, I suppose. Are these guys totally losing it or what?

Then there's this perplexing para:

Mr. Elliott, who recommended Mr. Kerry for the Silver Star, had signed one affidavit saying Mr. Kerry "was not forthright" in the statements that had led to the award. Two weeks ago, The Boston Globe quoted him as saying that he felt he should not have signed the affidavit. He then signed a second affidavit that reaffirmed his first, which the Swift Boat Veterans gave to reporters. Mr. Elliott has refused to speak publicly since then.

Seriously, has anyone seen Elliott lately? I've got this hideous feeling that he's been locked up somewhere, maybe with duct-tape over his mouth to keep him from further refuting these guys. You'll notice HE wasn't the one that gave the affidavit to reporters. I hope someone's checked on this - he may need a SWAT-team rescue.

If you should doubt this group is crazy enough to hold hostages, I point out that they're not too crazy to declare that KJW=JFK...


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