Saturday, August 21, 2004

"Report for your mental health screening, citizen" redux

Like an AIDS epidemic, fascism is creeping across the face of Illinois. Ridiculous, you say?

Consider this single instance: the Illinois General Assembly this past spring passed new legislation requiring compulsory mental health screening for children and pregnant women. Governor Blagojevich signed the bill into law.

You didn’t know about it? The media didn’t tell you? That’s all part of the program folks. The legislature is a sneaky bunch; they like to slip these kinds of measures through before anyone finds out about them.

This law requires children through the age of 18 to be tested for mental health needs. The same goes for pregnant women. The legislation appears to be an outgrowth of President Bush’s plan to have mental health screenings–mandatory of course–for every American. I hope he starts with himself, that would be most interesting.

More at link.

Interesting approach; chattel... um, I mean pregnant women and children first.


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