Friday, December 31, 2004

Noted around town

Just a couple things I noticed on my day off yesterday...

First I drove Miss Sally (the car) to the DMV to get her '05 stickers. Waiting at the drivethru window, I noticed the little pop-out thing through which you can pass your registration and check, etc, was made by Diebold. I surrendered my stuff, and waited and waited for the woman inside to do whatever it is they do with it. Had a terrible waking dream that she was going to come back and tell me that the pop-out had eaten all my paperwork and that Diebold now owned my car and was going to send it to Afghanistan. Fortunately, this didn't happen.

Later, leaving the parking lot of the mall that is also home to Sterling's Cyberclub, I noticed a sign about their 'afterschool program'. Seems that for $65/week, they will pick up your 6-13 year-old-child and keep them in broadband comfort from 2:30 to 6:30. I suppose for working parents, it's quite a service, and their website seems to indicate that it's not just unsupervised gaming and porn-ogling. And my first reaction, of course, was 'cool! four hours of gaming a DAY'. Then I got to thinking - given the state of my wrists, and I've been keyboarding for about twenty years, what's in store for today's teen? Carpel-tunnel syndrome by 19? Useless claws on the ends of their wrists by the time they're thirty? Or stylish CyberHands (tm)?


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