Saturday, March 26, 2005

Well, I tried to stay away from the topic...

The whole Terri Schiavo story is a spectacle that shouldn't be playing out in public, if you ask me. Many people have had to deal with end-of-life issues for their loved ones; they must be cringing at this debacle.

I can have some sympathy for the parents; they've invested so much emotion in the concept that their daughter isn't dead, just severely handicapped, that I'm sure they quite believe it at this point, brain-activity evidence be damned.

Congress, of course, is doing what Congress does; pandering to their 'base'.

I was perplexed at the involvement of the right-to-lifers, initially; they've shown little to no interested in post-fetal life to date. But today I had an epiphany that explains their position.

Terri Schiavo is, to right-to-lifers, the perfect woman. If impregnated (by artificial means, you beasts - get your minds out of the gutter), she would cheerfully, or at least without complaint, carry as many infants to term as you could wish.

It's too bad the RTLers are so short-sighted. If they had embraced human cloning at the outset, they could by now surely have been able to grow their own cortexless human incubators; ones who would never want a career or an education, and who would crank out baby after baby. As it is, those annoying women with working minds are still required. Too Bad.


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