Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Usurping the flag

One thing that really annoys me about Bush-Cultists is that whenever their Boy Emperor gets into political trouble, they slap American flags all over their vehicles. I'm rather partial to the flag myself, but am loathe to sport it on my car because I don't want to be mistaken for one of them.

So I created a flag that's unambiguous - no one will think you're a Bush Supporter when you wear these colors. We can go back to the three-color version when we finish taking out the trash.

Also mugs and bumpersticker.


At 3:10 AM, Blogger Epacris said...

Strange that the political significance of the colour red seems to have reversed entirely in what seems to me to be a very short time.

Are 'left-leaning' people still called 'pinkos'?

But it's a nice image.

At 6:53 PM, Blogger Ellen Marsh said...

Yes, the "Reds" used to be the evil Communists. Now the the "Reds" are those who lean almost perpendicularly to the right.

We children of the Cold War are confused by the Red/Blue designation.

At 1:36 AM, Anonymous Demeur said...

I personally have a flag sticker in my car that's upside down. For those not in the know that's a sign of distress. I've been flying it that way since Bush's second term.


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