Saturday, October 08, 2005

All your children are belong to us

No point in breeding the little cannon fodder if you make it hard for us to get to 'em, is there? Story:

Buried within the federal No Child Left Behind Act is a provision that requires school districts to give personal information about students to military recruiters. Parents can choose to keep that information private but some local groups say school districts make that too difficult.


Duval County notifies parents at the beginning of the school year about its policy for giving out personal information. Parents have three options. They can approve the release of student information, restrict it to the military and colleges and universities only or they can prohibit the release of any personal information whatsoever.

But the last option has meant students would also be kept out of the yearbook, sports programs and listings of honors and awards.

It apparently never occurred to these people that while most parents might welcome college recruiters interest in their underage children, military interest in your teen is a little less welcome.


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