Saturday, October 08, 2005

Best argument yet for intelligent design


You take the panda. Could blind, dumb, bio-chemical processes have come up with something so cuddly and so cute? Somebody had to invent the panda. Intelligent design.


Now consider the giant squid, a horrible animal recently captured on film by the Japanese. (What is it with their fascination with monsters? They should get over it.) The giant squid is one disgusting, nightmarish creature like those eighty foot long worms they discovered lurking around thermal holes at the bottom of the ocean.

No intelligent anything, person, spirit, god or universal who-who, would design an eighty foot worm. Why would an intelligence design something so disgusting and icky-poo? They, it, him, her wouldn’t. Anybody or anything that would do that is obviously un-intelligent. So what do the scientists say is unintelligent? Evolution.


An exception to the theorem. Avian flu comes from neither intelligent design nor evolution. CNN gets the credit for that. Hurricanes are started by MSNBC. Earthquakes come courtesy of FOX.

By George, I believe he's Got It!


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