Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Oh, ick!

He didn't really say that, did he? Podhoretz on the Miers nomination:

I think this was a pick made out of droit de seigneur -- an "I am the president and this is what I want" arrogance. I think he'll get what he wanted. Which means there will be at least two people -- Bush and Harriet Miers -- who will be delighted on the day she is sworn in.

Wikipedia on Droit de Seigneur:

The jus primae noctis meaning 'law (or right) of the first night,' and droit du seigneur meaning 'the lord's right', is the purported right of the lord of an estate to deflower its virgins.
Somehow, I don't want to think about how delighted they'll both be, John. Talk about Unwanted Mental Image...!!

Sounds like Athena at the Clue Factory was right tho':

What we see here is nothing so advanced and 19th Century as cronyism.

The correct term for a system where someone gains a position due strictly to their complete and total allegiance, not to a nation, a party, a cause, an organization, but to a specific individual -- is Feudalism.


At 3:01 PM, Blogger Lilly said...

AIIYYEEEE!!! I really do hate it when people use foreign phrases without having a clue as to their origins or true meaning... at this point it becomes a veritable 'malaprop' (look it up)... But then... fans of Bodice Rippers (aka Romance Novels) know this phrase (Droit de Signeur) well - especially if they are fond of medieval love stories... where the erstwhile heroine is frequently either the victim of... or ALMOST the victim of this particular legality ;->

**Okay - I will admit that in the past I have on one or two occasions used a foreign phrase incorrectly - but have at least figured it out right quick and mended my error(s).


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