Saturday, October 01, 2005

No vaginas, please...

... Them things are nasty.

"Explicit" information on vaginal health has prompted Albertson's stores in Arizona and 11 other states to halt sales of October's Seventeen magazine.

Concerned about the two-page "Vagina 101" section, the chain's Intermountain Division pulled the magazines from shelves this week.

Some Tucson parents support Albertson's, but a number of students and women's rights advocates say the move is remnant of opposition to the 1970s' women's health movement.

The magazine's section on yeast and urinary tract infections, vaginal discharge and pubic hair is meant to educate girls about their bodies.

Three pictures have stirred surprise. The first is a color drawing labeling eight parts of the vagina. The second and third are photographs of vaginas.


When Altagracia Rosa saw the pictures, she kept repeating, "It's dirty. It's dirty." Rosa, whose 17-year-old daughter attends Sunnyside, said she wouldn't want her child to see the magazine.

Hey, Altagracia - got news for you - your 17-year-old daughter has a vagina.

Yeah, it's always preferable for young teen girls to get information about female sexuality right from the Internet, where they can be assured of accurate information to build a healthy self-image.


At 6:29 PM, Blogger Praxxus said...

What? Girls have vaginas?

Isn't Albertson's a Mormon organization? Why do Mormons fear vaginas?


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