Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Same ol', same ol'

It should come as no big surprise to anyone that the administration continues to nominate know-nothing cronies:

Democratic senators Tuesday questioned whether President Bush's nominee to lead the State Department refugee program is qualified for the job.

Bush has nominated Ellen Sauerbrey, who twice lost bids for Maryland governor, to be assistant secretary of state for population, refugees and migration. If confirmed, she would manage a nearly $1 billion budget for refugee crises overseas.

"I don't think we see the requisite experience that we've seen in other nominees" for the job, said Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-California, at Sauerbrey's confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Ace said...

Let me be unambiguous here. I find no merit in this nomination.

Here's something else I find no merit in. When Senators say that someone is not competent to run a billion dollar program on the basis of a lack of credentials to do same, I have to wonder just what credentials the Senator has to:

a. Decide where to spend billions of pork barrel dollars

b. Decide what makes for sound laws and regulations to further the goals of "promot[ing] the General Welfare and secur[ing] the Blessings of Liberty on ourselves and our Posterity

c. And about 90% of all the other things that Senators do all the time.

Oh, I forgot. They have those credentials because they raised enough money from fat cats in order to win/buy more votes than someone else did. Oh swell.

This is not a partisan view. I don't think Barbara Boxer is a competent judge here any more than Orrin Hatch is. When they call for hearings on a matter, I am amused at how many "cronies" of the Committee Chairman and Committee Ranking Member happen to get the invitation to speak.

This nominatoin is indeed a nomination with little merit - more merit than the current Supreme Court nominee to be sure but still not one with any compelling reason behind it. But once again, the Senate is exposing itself as something other than "the greatest deliberative body on Earth". It's more like a schoolyard society with a lot of cliques...


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