Friday, October 14, 2005

Sometimes the comments are the best part

Okay, Kevin Drum wins the Best Commenters award hands down, week after week. (And I don't say this just because I have a tendency to comment there.)

Today Stepan offers this, in comments on Kevin's post on the THE ZAWAHIRI LETTER

Just wait till the CIA triumphantly unveils Zawahiri's hacked Sidekick messaages:

> my dear bro wot r u up to?

> not much just chillin plannin 4 global jihad hey r u hungry?

> yeah lets go get food inshallah

> not pakistani im sick of it how bout chinese?

> do they deliver?

> god willing yes

> ok hit me later in the name of the prophet bye

> the prophets blessing n mercy on 2 u your loving bro


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