Monday, December 05, 2005

New boyfriend

Okay, I'm having to add a new category to the Boyfriend Files: the Buddhist Monk Boyfriend. Of course the Dalai Lama is my BMB-emeritus, but the current title holder is now abbot of the world-famous Shaolin Temple:

At 40, Shi is one of the youngest leaders in the history of the 1,500-year-old shrine. Perhaps because of his youth, he has presided over some of the boldest moves at the birthplace of Zen Buddhism.

Among his innovations were setting up the country's first temple-based website back in 1996, when few in China had heard of the Internet. The next online move was more of a head-turner: He revealed some fighting sequences previously considered top secrets passed only to true disciples.

Shi flung open the doors of Shaolin further by sending cloistered monks all over the world to perform and promote the temple's Zen-inspired martial arts.

He knew physical prowess was not enough. He set up a corporation to defend the temple's "brand name." He was also among the first to send yellow-robed monks to take MBA courses and get doctorates.

Read the whole article. When this guy showed up at the Shaolin Temple when he was sixteen, there were twelve monks left.


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