Friday, January 06, 2006

Bodies still being found

Barry Cowsill, of the 60s pop group The Cowsills, has just been identified as among the dead in New Orleans. The most alarming part of this story is that his body was just discovered on Dec 28th, a full four months after Katrina. And it's not that it was buried under debris or hidden in a building that hadn't been searched - apparently it was laying out on a wharf! He was identified, obviously, by dental records...

This raises the question (no, it doesn't BEG the question - see below), how many other bodies are just laying around in unexplored parts of the devastated region? What's Katrina's total death toll? And will this figure be buried as completely as Katrina's victims themselves lest it grow to overshadow the sacred cow that is 9-11 death toll?


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