Thursday, August 10, 2006


Plot foiled!!!! Before I panic, I think I'll wait and see - remember the Wag the Sears Tower terrorists in Miami? Could those guys find Chicago on a map?

Meanwhile, the best take on the situation comes from gossip blog Gawker:

As always, American authorities are using this opportunity to remind you to shit your pants; in a Homeland Security press conference, Alberto Gonzalez noted, "Every day is September 12." And doesn't Oliver Stone know it!
The irony of having to go to the gossips to get a sense of perspective? Priceless.

Edited to Add: Gossip blog Jossip weighs in:

British authorities are rejoicing over their successful plan to foil am attempted terrorist attack on UK airlines. We guess we're happy that nobody was blown up, though, we don't really understand why everyone is so excited that a government, uh, did their job and protected their citizens from getting blown the fuck up. Though those planes were headed for New York JFK, and God knows our own government could never have stopped something like this ... so, thanks England.


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