Thursday, October 27, 2005

Most Emailed Photo

I love Wonkette's description of this photo: Red States LOSE!

The Wonky One has been on a roll today. Other gems:

• Jeb Bush, talking hurricane relief and support, proves to be a less-than-traditional conservative: "If Wal-Mart can do it, why can't the government?" That's like digging up Barry Goldwater in order to kill him again!
• "Borked" versus "Miers". What the rest of the world calls "tops" and "bottoms."
Um. Which is which?


At 4:48 PM, Blogger Matthew said...

...saw your "advertisement" on Americablog.

You have some great posts...keep up the good work.

At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Ace said...

My #2 son is vehemently opposed to the Meiers nomination for the Supreme Court. After listening to him give me two dozen reasons why she is incompetent and why she would be ruinous to the Court as an institution [most of which I agree with to a large extent], I asked him a question he could not answer because he isn't old enough to recall the details. But you are so I'll ask you:

Granted that Ms. Meiers ought not be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, but if YOU had to choose between Ms. Meiers and Professor Bork for a seat on the Supreme Court and YOUR vote would put one of them - but not the other - on the Court for life, which way would you vote?

I would choose Bork in an instant because of his fundamental competency in the law as compared to Meiers.

But then again, he was explicit in his views which were highly unacceptable to liberals in America in the 80s/90s.

Meiers has no views that can be explicitly set forth to be analyzed or attacked - in my opinion because she doesn't have any firm views in the first place.

So, where would you come down in this hypothetical case?


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